Breastfeeding Educator Program™
An educational offering that provides a comprehensive overview of breastfeeding promotion and assistance strategies is available for health care providers and breastfeeding advocates. This program is trademarked and can only be presented by Lactation Consultant Services™.

The Breastfeeding Educator Program™ addresses normal circumstance breastfeeding and challenges commonly experienced in a chronologic format beginning in the prenatal period until weaning. Discussions about assisting employed breastfeeding mothers and mothers with critically ill infants are also included. Promoting breastfeeding among socioeconomically disadvantaged and facilitating change in clinical settings are addressed. Evidence-based, practical, clinical management strategies and discussion of the professional literature as rationale for practice are emphasized throughout the program.

High risk "flags" are identified in various phases of lactation to assist health care providers prioritize their care of families who may need additional assistance and support. The breastfeeding promotion and assistance team is encouraged to help families meet their breastfeeding goals based on informed decisions. "Baby Friendly" Initiative criteria are incorporated in the sessions. The American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations for breastfeeding management are also emphasized.


Purpose and Goals
1) Describe the process of normal lactation

2) Discuss strategies that health care providers can use to enhance
    breastfeeding during prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, and weaning
    phases of lactation;

3) Describe assistance techniques to facilitate breastfeeding in special

4) Identify services and resources that assist each family meet their
   unique breastfeeding goals based on informed decision-making.

An optional certification process (Certified Breastfeeding Educator™) is conferred by Lactation Consultant Services™ and is available for participants who incorporate breastfeeding assistance with other perinatal health care.

Certified Breastfeeding Educators™ are not qualified to represent themselves as lactation consultants.
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